UC San Diego | Shiley Eye Institute’s, Joan and Irwin Jacobs Retina Center houses research projects seeking to find solutions for people of all ages who suffer from retina problems, including debilitating disorders such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, tumors, and inherited diseases.

The Jacobs Retina Center is the only free-standing retina research center in the country. Dedicated to providing cutting-edge care, the JRC’s talented researchers and physicians enable patients to benefit from the latest advances in diagnostic equipment and therapies.


Our Facilities


The first floor of the Jacobs Retina Center is designed specifically for Retinal Clinical Trials and for the care of patients with complicated Retinal problems. The unique features of this facility are personal care and a wonderful setting in which to receive the best treatments available in Southern California.

The Jacobs Retina Center facility is equipped with specialized visual acuity testing and exam rooms, some of which allow for complete darkness to accommodate various types of testing. There are also rooms that are protected from all electromagnetic interference for extremely specialized testing.

The Jacobs Retina Center has sophisticated scanning and imaging equipment, and the latest in Retinal photographic imaging. Some of these techniques are not available anywhere else in the United States, least of all in the same facility.

There are new and experimental Retinal treatments available at the Jacobs Retina Center, as well as some of the unique and complicated Retinal treatments and procedures that can only be found in a major university eye center dedicated to combining laboratory and clinical research and delivering cutting-edge care to patients.

Dr William R. Freeman, MD, Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology, Affiliated Professor of Electrical Engineering, Vice Chair Shiley Eye Institute and Director of UCSD Jacobs Retina Center.

I am delighted to bring to the public and my colleague’s information on the UCSD Jacobs Retina Center which opened here at UCSD in 2006 because of a very generous donation from Joan and Irwin Jacobs. We bring the most cutting edge therapies as well as basic research to the public and our patients in one location and collaborate extensively with our own UCSD faculty as well as other scientists in California and throughout the world.